Photo by Ryan Jerome @ryan_jerome Grooming by Brenda Ferrell @b_readybeauty  Writing by Perana Srikantappa @prerana_srikantappa

Meet Elliott Taylor, writer who has written for some of greatest artists of all time such as Celine Dion and Eminem. As a solo artist himself, he has a powerful voice that is incomparable. After releasing his first song “Let It Out” co-written by his fiancee, the singer has made his own niche in the industry. But he didn’t stop there, the real estate mogul and businessman has several companies under his name.

Who inspired you to make music ?

For me, it has always been about a feeling. A feeling I get when I hear something that absolutely connects with my energy, I feel the dopamine releasing, it stands me up, my body just wants to move, there’s a rush, an adrenaline… All I want is to feel that so I try to make music that only does that for me… But honestly I have no idea who specifically inspired me to become so addicted to making music. Thinking back on my life I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t picking up instruments, singing or making up songs… it’s just been a part of me from the beginning… I remember growing up listening to my parents play everything from Frank Sinatra, to Elvis, the Doors, Pavarotti to Jonny cash, all different styles and genres and I quickly learned that certain sounds, beats and melodies would make me feel different, incredible and con- fident… and so I wanted to find more of that…

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be ?

There are so many artists that I love and look up to, the list would be long… but I do know I want to be a part of something that takes listeners into another world, away from earth… a total experience, big, epic, grand, off planet type of a journey… Out the gate right now I would say Drake, Post Malone, the Weekend… but I also love how the dance world takes their shows to another level… with a full sensory experience, so I would love to tap into that dimension for some shows and take flight with the crowd… light the sky with lasers and pyrotechnics

You have written songs for great icons, like Celine Dion and Eminem, which of them would be your favorite ?

That’s really difficult to answer… Every experience I have had working with all of these incredible artists has been so unique and perfect in its own way and moment… each of them being my favorite moment while in that experience at that place and specific time in my life… when I know we are about to write for someone amazing I get so hyped, I lock in and forget everything else in my life while I’m on that mission… so I love all of the incredible artists I have had the honor of working with… they are all my favorites… it’s been a total dream come true, but honestly writing songs for myself is my favorite thing to do!

 Can you tell us more about any new music you’re working on ?

I’m really focused on making music that makes me feel a certain way, like how I mentioned earlier… you know that feeling you get when you hear a certain beat or song and your confidence explodes, you feel big, loaded, pumped, a feeling of glory, pure epic-ness, ready to ride into the storm… that’s what’s coming from me. I have this craving to make my own version of what I call super hero music… so that’s what’s next.

You’re a singer, song writer and an entrepreneur. Which of these roles is the most fun ?

They really all are separate things but work perfectly together… when I’m making music for myself I lean on all of the songwriting experience I have had from working other artists and when I’m negotiating deals or looking at the business side of this game I lean on all of my entrepreneurial successes, failures and invaluable lessons I’ve learned over the years… I’m completely independent but I know what I’m doing, I have a plan. Truthfully though I sacrificed many of my early years in music to hunt down entrepreneurial wins so that I could support my music dreams financially and make the art I want to on my own without asking for any deals… thank- fully that is where I am at right now, no limit, uncontrollable art…

How do you think your personality resembles the color pink ?

Well I see the color pink as positive, happy and it gives a feeling of a new beginning to me… I try to wake up every day and live my life in a state of gratitude and positivity always looking forward… but I also think the color pink reminds me of a woman’s beauty… in many different ways 😉 so yes I LOVE pink ha!