E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.C.E (Part II) is not limited to the beauty of diversity, but the necessity of diversity both in-front and behind the camera. The diversity in this series is described as a group of people who are different in the same place. The diversity is beyond the color of the skin, but includes gender, sexual orientation, religion and cultural backgrounds. It is about acknowledging and accepting talent of diversity and showing that collaborating with a diverse team will bring excellent results. I believe that there is something unique when talents from different backgrounds come together and work on the same project. It is important to me, as a photographer from India, to give opportunities to models of other origins, as they allow me the same opportunity to collaborate with them. Further, I also had makeup artists and hair stylists from Bosnia, Africa and Norway to be a part of the narrative. I picked the location and styled the models that would be cohesive with the narrative: the beauty, the power and the necessity for diversity.

Photographer Kunal Kohli @kunalsnarrative
Models  Baliruno  @baliruno_k
Dunia Dosh @dunia_dosh @teammodels
 Kwasi Asimpa @kwasiasimpa @pholk_agency
Alice Abial @aliceabial @EBModels
Lamin Saho @laminsahoo @idollooks
Lead Make Up Artist Stine Broen @stinebroen
Make Up Assistant Kristine Eriksen @kristineeriksenmakeup
Make Up Assistant Vanessa Knutsen Halilcevic @vanessaa_kh
Hair Stylist Natalie Beckford @bynataliebeckford

Location Grand Hotel Oslo by Scandic @grandhoteloslo

Fashion provided by Souloslo @souloslo Patrikssongroup @patrikssongroup Felicia @feliciaoslo