Daphne Louise Blunt (born October 23, 1997), better known simply as Daphne Blunt, is an American actress, content creator, and model. She made her first television appearance at the age of ten on the CBS daytime drama The Young & The Restless. She has since appeared in various television shows on networks including ABC, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and more. Daphne is a graduate of Georgetown University with a BA in Fine Art and shares her passions for fashion and art via her social media. There she is well known for her multifaceted, multi-media including photography, both digital and film, graphic design and video production. She has developed relationships with brands in the fashion industry and started directing, shooting and executing creative campaigns for international brands like Giorgio Armani, Revolve, Estée Lauder, Prada, Skims and more. Having amassed over 200,000 followers across her social media platforms and continues to grow her personal brand.

Out of all your creative ventures, which one gives you the most satisfaction?

I think I came out of the womb ready to perform and wanting to be in the spotlight so — acting is definitely my strongest passion. However, having an outlet for my personal creativity. Content creation, fashion blogging, social media, whatever you want to call it has really brought a lot of joy and light to my life. I was always obsessed with fashion. I’m lucky I have a fashion mom so she raised me with an appreciation and strong interest in personal style. Having an outlet where I can express that was really important to me, as well as having something that was creatively only mine. I’m constantly using it as an outlet to heal my inner child, express my personality and just have fun! Almost nothing brings me more joy than playing dress up.

What types of roles do you wish to take on as an actress?

I’m actually insanely interested in comedy. I think a lot of people don’t expect it for me, but my dream would be to be in a show like New Girl or The Mindy Project. I look up to Emma Stone as an actress quite a bit because I feel that she’s had such a multifaceted career and is in so many of my favorite films like La La Land, Crazy stupid love or Easy A and she’s not only an amazing actress, but she really gets to express her personality and be seen for who she is. I think that’s any actor’s dream.

How would you explain your approach to photography?

My approach to photography is so much about fantasy, creating dreamscapes and curating aesthetics. A lot of my personal interest stems from my obsession with the idea of portraying girlhood. I have an obsession with 90s/y2k films or anything that shows girlhood in a very cinematic way like the virgin suicides, lost in translation, Uptown Girls, Marie Antoinette. I’m a Sophia Coppola super fan. I love the work of Petra Collins though she’s not a filmmaker she’s super inspiring. Girlhood and femininity portrayed in elaborate ways just really speaks to me.

Are there any particular pieces of advice that you model your life or career after?

Doing things that scare me, putting myself out there in ways that are scary are so important. Allowing myself to be seen by the world and perceived in a particular way can be terrifying but I think removing any interest of caring about what other people think about you, and just doing the things that you genuinely are passionate about or that you love will bring more joy to your life than anything.

What is your dream project to direct?

I’ve loved working with friends on their projects and creating dreamscapes for them in the past few years. I’m very interested in working with vintage cameras and being as psychically close to the medium as possible. My dream would be to collaborate with Sophia Coppola I would like die to just make something similar to Maria Antoinette. It’s so interesting because I’ve been on this Sophia Coppola fandom far before it was sort of more relevant in pop culture. I’ve seen Maria Antoinette probably 50 times I could quote you the entire movie. Every time I’ve been to Versailles (which is like three times) I’m trying to make the people I’m with reenact scenes. So I would love to do a period piece in the same style where there’s a lot of modernization to it. From the score to the dialog and little easter eggs for the audience (think the converse mixed in with all of the Rococo slippers) mixed with the romantic European landscape

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I have no idea in actuality lol. I would really like to have my brand, Choux Louise, which is something that I’m working on right now, completely launched and possibly have a brick and mortar storefront. I would be not only acting but writing, directing and doing creative direction for my own projects. And still spending every summer in Europe. Maybe marriage, who knows!

Do you have any artists that inspire you?

In terms of film, other than Sophia, Coppola, Gretta Gerwig, loooooove Emerald Fennell. I think she’s a genius. I would be beyond myself to work with her. I’m extremely inspired by Nadia Lee Cohen, Cindy Sherman, Anna Weyant, Anne Leibovitz . I’m clearly obsessed with women and the way that women portray femininity in their own unique ways. There are also so many talented women on social media just creating their own beautiful art there’s a girl whose account is called @beautyspock, everything she posts is incredible. I’m super inspired by Camille Charriere. Cindy Kimberly, obviously anything Lana does. Alexa Ching, I could go on forever.

What motivates you to keep working?

My passion for doing creative things. I feel like when I’m not actively creating is when I feel the most depressed and I just love to play! To me creating is the most fun thing that you can do and I try to find an element of it within everything that I do in my day-to-day life, I don’t really like doing anything else.

Is there a particular art piece that has stirred an awakening within you?

My favorite painting of all time is possibly The Birth of Venus by Alexander Cabanel, not Boticelli though I love that one too. It’s beautiful, I love it. I love the exhaustionyou can see that she feels from existing and …. just being beautiful. I think it’s a great summary of how womanhood can feel sometimes. I love the work of Barbara Kruger. Her most famous work Your Body is a Battleground… it’s just revolutionary. I like that she’s throwing her femininity in your face. I’m also really obsessed with Claude Monet, I did a lot of work study on his pieces in art school. I think they’re beautiful, again they’re extremely revolutionary for the time. I love them conceptually, and depending on the way that you view them, you can find different meaning. I even went to his home in Giverny, which inspired a lot of his work and it’s one of my favorite places to visit in France. Going there you can feel the energy of creativity. It’s an extremely inspiring place.

What fashion means to you and how did you encounter your visual identity?

Fashion means everything to me. I think it’s such an important way that we communicate who we are to the world. I think it’s fun, I think it’s exhilarating, I think it makes me feel my best when I’m dressed up and doing something that I love. I like to feel sexy, I like to feel cute and I’m extremely unbothered if other people like what I wear or not. I wear anything that makes me feel joy. It might sound cliché but, I think everybody feels their best when they’re wearing something that they feel confident in which is always just going to be something that you really like. Whether it’s a vintage Prada sweater or a pair of ruffle bloomers with heart-shaped sunglasses, if you wear what you love, you’ll just have a better day.

Your personal style evokes an alluring femininity. Do you feel part of this ultra feminine moment in fashion with trends such as coquette, hyperpop y2k, etc? If so, what is the importance of expressing the female spectrum through fashion in your experience?

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily feel a part of this ultra feminine trend — like the coquette thing. I feel that my style does align with it, but hyper femininity has been such an integral part of my personal style for as long as I can remember so I I don’t necessarily resonate it as a “trend” for me. Girls will comment on my Tik Tok like “oh you’re so coquette” or whatever and I’m always like, I was “coquette” before “coquette” was a thing lol. I personally love embracing femininity I’ve always been a “girly girl.” I absolutely love being frilly and fluffy and sexy and alluring and cute. I love bows, I love pink, I don’t deny it! I think it’s important to express femininity, or my love of being feminine, because for a long time it feels like it was sort of put down. It wasn’t cool to be girly. It was cool to be more you know, tomboy or more edgy and I do think it’s really awesome and interesting to see so many women, especially young women, embracing their super girly, hyper feminine sides. And not feeling like they need to play it down. I think it’s probably very healing for a lot of women’s inner child to wear pink and bows and tutus, and just have no limitation towards the girly things that they like. I think it’s important because you should always be able to express the things that bring you joy and the things that you love without feeling any shame, or like people will make fun of you for it. No matter what it is that you like you should be able to wear it confidently.

Do you have any fashion role models?

Alexa, Chung, Holly Madison in her Girls Next Door era, Miuccia Prada, Betty Boop, Vivian Westwood. I look to a lot to vintage styles I love Dita Von Teese and her sort of pinup style or Jane Birkin and Twiggy.

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