How did you prepare for your role in “All American”? Anything we can look forward to your character throughout season one. Any spoilers you can tell us.

The initial prep was very straight forward. Lots of discussion with our show runner and talented group of writers. Our conversations were of Asher’s headspace and broad strokes of his backstory. We discussed details of his home life, relationship history with Jordan, Layla, and Olivia, and his place within this world of our story. As with all our characters on the show, truth and authenticity are important, therefore, no stone was left unturned in the daydreaming of Asher’s perspective and what has shaped him as a human being / the character we’re beginning to know.

Actors these days are beginning to work more behind the scenes. Do you have any interest in directing an episode and what would that be like for you?

Directing is absolutely on my radar and I do believe one day in the future I’ll pursue that path. I still have so much to learn before I could confidently take a step in that direction and my current priority is continuing to hone/develop my craft in front of there camera. However, I do have interest in producing and developing content of my own much sooner than later!

A lot of your participation in the show is physically draining. Can you give Bello readers a health tip they may not know?

Working on All American has reinforced how important finding your own balance in life is. The heavy work load, long hours, and the physicality both on set and off set in the gym has taught me to prioritize what I personally need to feel rejuvenated in order to keep showing up at 100%. For me, it was finding my own mix of work, personal time, and most importantly, REST, and not feeling bad for taking that time I needed.

During your photoshoot with Vulkan you were styled by our stylists, how would you best describe your personal style?

My personal style is very simplistic. I feel less is more and your clothing should be an accessory to what is most important, you. That being said, style is so subjective and an individual expression of what makes YOU feel the most comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’re confident, and you can feel the effect in everything you do.

“All American” is on its first season, do you have any other projects aside from the show?

I have an unreleased feature film entitled Notorious Nick where I play the true, inspiring story of a one-armed MMA fighter who fearlessly pursues his dreams against all odds. I know we’re still in post production but hope to have a release in the beginning of next year. With that film coming out, All American in production, and a few projects I’m excited to share the details of when I’m allowed, the search for work never stops. My team and I are always looking for projects we can sink our teeth into.

Now when the holidays are around the corner, what are you looking forward to the most?

This answer is very short and sweet… SLEEP.

2018 have been a busy year for you, how would you summarize the year?

2018 has been a huge step forward for me both personally and professionally. I feel my growth has been substantial and I couldn’t be more excited for all the possibilities in the upcoming year.

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