Carmen Electra

She is the walking symbol of all things pretty. We all know her for her iconic dance numbers, solo studio albums and collaborations with the Pussycat Dolls. After her big break in the hit series Baywatch, as Lani Mckenzie, she has been unstoppable. The one and only, Carmen Electra, sat down exclusively with the Vulkan magazine to share her deepest, darkest secrets about her career and her relationship with the legendary performer, Prince. With her current fashion statements, she has the world talking about her red carpet ensembles including the buzz she created during the People’s Choice Awards. Lately, you can find her on the billboards for the infamous Alexander Wang Bodywear Collection. The Onlyfans newbie, also shared the inside scoop of what her fans want to see from her and how the platform opened up her career to a whole nother level.




You began your career as a singer when you met Prince, what was that experience like for you ?

I came from humble beginnings and saved as much money as I could from Kings Island where I got my first dance gig. I later moved to LA with only 20 dollars on me. I was at a club one day with a fake ID and a person approached me. She loved my look and asked me to meet Prince and potentially be a part of a band he produced. I auditioned at his place where I later played the piano and he just appreciated that I was giving my all and complimented my dance. When I finished auditioning, it was 2am. I was ready to leave but the driver had already left, which was suspicious. I wanted to get any role only through my work. I, then, go into a room and wear his favorite perfume as I was asked to and I receive a note to watch a movie with the whole crew. I was nervous and didn’t go because it was a new world for me and I was very young at the time. The next day, I was asked to get in a car and we drove to Capitol Records where I signed a deal but Prince was very distant. He called home once in a while asking to meet me, but I wouldn’t go and he would get mad. When I was still signed with Capitol records, I unexpectedly got a call from him asking me to show him my music. He heard the demo and booked a flight ticket to Minnesota at 5am to have my own record deal. That’s how it started. I lived at his house for a very long time and made music.I opened for his “Diamonds and Pearls” tour and later went on to work with one of his bands. I’ve had many fashion moments from the tour that I will cherish forev- er. As his girlfriend at the time, I heard things that didn’t agree with me or my values and I left the situation and did my own thing and got recognised once I got into TV !

How did having your parents in the in- dustry have an influence in your singing career ?

My parents were all about me being in the entertainment industry ! My dad is an amazing guitarist, he discovered Bootsy Collins. My mom was a backup singer for my dad and that’s how they met. They did everything they could to put me in dance classes and competitions. By the age of seven, I had about hundred trophies from

dance shows, pageants and gymnastics as well. I later went on to learn ballet. Though I gained muscle through gymnastics, I had to stay skinny for the art of ballet and it was intense. That’s why I adore people like Lizzo, who’ve changed the game for everyone. She’s such an inspiration.

How did you get involved with acting ?

At the school of performing arts, drama was my minor along with dance as my major. I was always amazing at dance but I was shy when it came to acting. I was set up to get into musicals and somehow got over the fear. I studied drama from 4th grade until graduation so I learnt a lot !

What was the first role you played ? What is the advice you’d give to some- one just starting out in the industry ? Good burger with Kenan. He was un- stoppable and also hosted the awards so it was a special one. My advice would be to first study what you want to do the most. Don’t be your worst critic, don’t have any regrets and don’t stop. Never let rejections get to you and keep moving forward and getting better at your art.

Your breakthrough role as Lani McKenzie, in the action drama series Baywatch, was a turning point in your career, how does that make you feel looking back at it today?

I was very nervous and shy at the time and I just got into hosting. MTV was a huge learning experience for me and I got comfortable with the camera there. When I auditioned for Baywatch, I had to fill in for Pamela. I don’t believe I was replacing her but she did set the bar pretty high.

You have already worked with some impressive names in the industry. Is there anyone you would love to work with in today’s world?

There are so many emerging talents who are doing amazing in the media. For me, it’s all about the connection. I want to be able to get a reaction and have chemistry with the person.

If you could bring back one of your most iconic characters, which one would it be ?
I’d have to say my cameo in Kristie Alley’s ‘Fat Actress’. She named, wrote and acted in it. She gave me the liberty to improvise most scenes and I enjoyed working for her.

Dancing has also been your passion, tell us about the experience working with The Pussycat Dolls ?

Back then, I was doing another show and Pussycat Dolls were an emerging group. Couple years later, I ran into the choreographer who worked for them and we wanted to collaborate and see where it takes us. They loved my dance moves but Robin, however, also want- ed me to sing. I auditioned and got the part ! I fell in love with the whole expe- rience. We did some amazing shows including, ‘The Tonight Show’. Performing with Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani will stay in my memory forever.

You are a pop culture icon, tell us about your beauty regime, what goes behind looking the way you do ?

Thank you ! My mom taught me the importance of a moisturizer. Back then, when I used to wear a lot of makeup, I used the 8-hour cream by Elizabeth Arden, it was a crucial part of my routine. I was also into performing and dancing so that’s how I would get my workouts in. Recently, I switched from drinking Cola everyday to drinking more water. It has changed everything for me.

Tell us about the campaign with Alexander Wang and how was it to be rep- resented in the upscale market?

I was always into fashion because of my mom. Attending fashion shows also inspired me to experiment more. When I got the call, I was so thrilled. Working with Alexander Wang for the holiday collection was a dream come true. We have a great relationship and I gotta wear one of my all time favorite, Alexander Wang dresses to the People’s Choice Awards.

Being one of the best dressed celebrities at the People’s Choice Awards 2022 is a huge deal, can you tell us how you created that moment ?

I was over the moon. It’s always nice to be recognised for your style. When I got the dress, I knew it was stunner. I couldn’t sit in it but I didn’t mind it. Anything for fashion. I always try to go the extra mile in my fashion choices, even the hair and makeup team got the look down to the T. Madonna was one of our inspirations for the night and it was great to honor her.

Taking control of your own brand, you’ve joined OnlyFans, why was this important for you ?

It took me a long time to make that decision for myself. After I looked into it, I realized I could creative direct my own shoots, wear or not wear what I want and it’s just so empowering. I even love giving them a little bts now and then. I will say though, the most requests I get are for my feet, people love feet !

What do you like about the pink issue ? If pink were a person, who would it be?

I loved the color even as a child. I see old pictures of me in little pink dresses and all my toys were in pink. Prince’s song “Pink Cashmere’ and Angelyne, who is iconic even to this day, driving the pink Corvette comes to my mind.

What was the first pink object you received in your life ?

I remember buying pink hot pants with a pink short top, and I really went there early in my music career. Of course, the pretty pink ballet outfits were a classic.

Can you imagine a world in pink ? If yes, who would you like to see in it ?

Absolutely, pink is sexy ! It is cute but depending on how you wear it, It can be demanding too and I feel like we achieved that with this shoot. Anytime you wear pink, it becomes such a moment.

What is next for Carmen Electra ? Anything you’d like to share with our Vulkaners ?

I’m exploring the world of OnlyFans. I made it to the top 1%, which I’m grateful for. The freedom I have is ex- citing. I shoot with my friends when we’re just hanging out at my place and it’s such a fun project. To the Vulkaners, be confident in your body and passionate about everything you do!