Photo by Ryan Jerome, Hair + Makeup Brenda Ferrell @B Ready Beauty, Writing Alex Bonnet

Many people have a signature.. Signature look, signature accessory, signature catch phrase…and for singer Cami Petyn, her signature piece would have to be hand down, her hair! Always changing and always looking so unique and fabulous, it definitely matches her musical talent and charisma as well. Keep reading on and discover more of what makes Cami, Cami Petyn!

What makes singing so special? In what ways does it feed your soul?

I feel the most powerful when I’m singing. I’m someone that has a hard time opening up/speaking up, but through singing I somehow feel safe to say anything, it gives me a voice. I truly consider singing and making music (or any art) a form of alchemy. It allows you to take any emotions and transmute them into something new and beautiful. And then allows you to connect to others with it. The connection aspect of singing is the most important to me. It truly makes the soul feel whole. Gah I love music haha.

At what moment did you know becoming an artist was your path?

After my first vocal lesson. During that lesson it seriously felt like something shifted in my brain. I walked in just wanting to learn how to sing and I walked out absolutely hell bent on making music my career. It was the firsttime I attempted to take music seriously so I guess that just turned on a switch in my brain and absolutely nothing was going to turn it off. It was literally life changing.

What can our readers and your fans ex- pect in the next year?

I may or may not be finalizing an EP currently that may or may not be coming out in the fall.

Your hairstyle and color make you stand out/ unique! Tell us more about it.

Thank you! I grew up as a VERY shy person, like my everyday goal was just to blend in as much as I could. So now that I’ve finally worked through that & found myself, I NEVER want to go back to feeling so small. So my everyday goal now is to be viciously authentic and be ME loudly. Which involves having wild colored hair. It’s definitely a form of self-expression for me. Lucas Tamaio is the hair WIZARD behind all the styles/colors 🙂

The most rebellious thing you have ever done?

Honestly, probably pursue music. Not a SINGLE person in my personal life supported me/understood what I was doing for years. Many people told me to stop. And honestly, it didn’t make any sense for me to pursue music. But all I knew is that music lit my soul on fire so I kept pushing forward. And nowI’m doing the damn thing. Pretty rebellious if you ask me.

Share with us the most dominating object in your room. Explain why that one.

My guitar. It’s how I dominate my feelings, emotions and problems. And it’s how I get through to the world around me. My guitar is how I dominate!