Arts and Alex
By Aline Vidigal

Here is a deeper look on Alexandre Cunha, the 32-year old Brazilian model that has put the fashion world at his feet, doing campaigns for Armani, Lacoste, Clavin Klein, among others. Discovered on a bus going back from school, he had a career turning point when shooting for Bottega Venetta. Alexandre is currently the face of Tom Ford beauty and has confided that one of his favorite campaigns was a few years ago for John Galliano’s underwear label, in which he had to play the part of a ballet dancer.

Everyone knows that the fashion world is not just about beauty but also about expression, there is something about personality that can be shown and even about versatility. Do you think it all came naturally to you and how did it evolve in your career?
Personality is a construction made through the relationships we have with the people that surround us. As I have a happy family, I carry this happiness with me, which I believe helps me in the fashion world, after all nobody likes to be on set with negative people. Versatility came with work experience and attention to details. I always try to understand what the clients are trying to express to their public and I feel pleased when I realize that people are attentive and care about the final image.

The experience abroad and the distance from home, what was good and what was difficult about it?
It has been so many years abroad, I basically spent my youth traveling. Since 2007 when I was nineteen years old, it has been the reality of my life. I went through very difficult times especially in the beginning, because of loneliness. Gradually I made friends in the cities I went to and the charm of it all began. Today I am very grateful for having experienced it all. For being able to call NY and Paris home and for speaking five different languages. For having great friends and for having had the most incredible experiences on this journey.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Everything passes. Enjoy!

To what extent does being a public figure make it easier for you to convey things you have learned?
I convey what I’ve learned by actually doing things. I seek to inspire younger boys through my example. I want them to see that it is possible to get far in the modeling business. It’s about patience, professionalism, and inspiration.

Exposure can be sometimes a complex thing, how have you dealt with it?
With great difficulty at first. It is so strange to deal with people who change their behavior with you after they realize your success. But over time I understood that the problem is with them and not with me. So nowadays, I’m calm and I keep my childhood friends, something that always strengthens me.

There are many causes that draw and connect people in the world, are there any movements or kinds of activism that touch your heart?
I support protection movements for indigenous people. I really believe that respect for these cultures is essential for the evolution of ours. I lived for a few days with indigenous leaders from the Amazon in Paris and I understood that their reality can be very difficult in certain regions. These leaders were asking the French government for help because they did not have an active voice in Brazil.

In today’s world, with a range of career possibilities, if you weren’t a model what other profession would you have?
I studied economics and I’m from a family of accountants which means I would probably be working in the business area. I’m actually currently working in that area, in parallel to modeling. I have many connections and investments in companies that were created mostly by close friends in Brazil and in the USA. In Belo Horizonte, the city I was born, I take care of the real state part of our family business.

What’s in the future for Alexandre Cunha?
I want to focus more and more on the business I’m involved in, keep making fashion as long as it makes me happy and dedicate a lot more time to my family.

Model Alexandre Cunha @alexxxcunha
Photographer Bruno Bicalho @brunobicalhoc
Stylist Aline Vidigal @alinevidigal
Hair and Makeup Dani Bicalho @danibicalho
Filmmaker Luiz Vidigal @luiz_vidigal