Adam Huber: Lighting the fire within
By Alexandra Bonnet

A box of matches. Dead leaves. A sandcastle bucket.

Once upon a time, the young Adam Huber loved to play with fire. A true pyro, he was playing with his friend in the back of the house where land and trees stood. Why not light a leaf? What could go wrong? Well, just about the worse. Unfortunately, the bucket of water did not do much in extinguishing the fire that spread. Terrified of his father’s strident voice, Huber tried to blame it on neighboring boys but was also grateful that his father showed up to take care of the roaring fire. After all, his father was a sort of pyro himself which explained where he got it from. You see, everybody else in the neighborhood had a trash man come but Huber’s dad would burn his trash. Seeking thrill was a shared trait in this family.

“I wasn’t very sheltered, growing up,” shared the talented actor. Having been brought up watching rated R movies, Mel Gibson, Chuck Norris and more, Huber was exposed to much as a young kid. As he put it, “Whatever my dad was watching, I watched. I should only have 2 limbs left from the things I have done. You live and learn from that stuff.”  Looking back on these times, he can’t help but chuckle as he was truly “an idiot” but watching films with his father became the source of his passion as an actor. With all the good and bad, he has made it here in the entertainment industry and continues to evolve but not without shaving had some growing pains.  

Coming from a small town in Pennsylvania named Hollidaysburg , Huber went off to college and discovered he wanted to pursue a career in acting. With love and support from friends and family, he jumped on a plane to Los Angeles where he was met with surfcouching, sleeping in his car, working paycheck to paycheck, asking for help, and more. Sharing some of his own knowledge, he said: “No matter how bad it is: find that drive in yourself.” And especially with everything going on in our world today, it is important to hold onto that. In his own pyro way, Huber keeps the fire within constantly burning. 

Starring on the renowned series, Dynasty, Huber became part of it later into the season: 15 episodes into the show to be exact. What could seem like a nerve racking situation was actually a breath of fresh air. As Huber shared, It kind of gives people a little boost. I am just excited to be there thinking ‘yeah here we go let’s do some acting!’ and that excitement and energy really wears off on other people.” The connections he made, both personal and professional, became a big part of his life. Luckily for him, the cast and crew were kind and “welcomed (him) with open arms, it became a very warming environment to be in.” No one knew how long he was going to be on the series for but it all fell into place and he became a series regular. *Relief* He was part of something bigger than him and shares fond memories with everyone on board. 

For Huber, one of his favorite experiences on set was the film noir episode they shot. With excitement in his voice, the actor opened up about that day:
“That was a really special thing for the cast and crew because it was something completely different that we had never done. It was very much a group effort.” Hard work and a lot of determination can go a long way when chasing your dream and Huber did it. Now let’s talk drama. As many of us know, Dynasty comes with a lot of it but behind the screams and deceits, a hidden message exists. As Huber explained: “I think it’s all the glamour and how at the end of the day you have  the love that you share with friends and family. Those relationships are way more important than all the other bullshit in the world. Well said Adam.

Let’s face it…We all encounter drama in our life but what matters is how we deal with it and reminding ourselves of what truly matters: the love around us. When we hit a bump in the road or experience something we aren’t accustomed to, it’s nice to be able to turn to our family and friends. “I have a really great support system so any time I have crazy drama in my life, I talk to the people who understand me the most,” said Huber. “I work out too. Get all your frustrations, sweat it out, leave it all out there. In with the good and out with the bad kind of thing.”

As we discussed the topic of dealing with drama, Huber continued on with sound advice.
“You just have to get it out. You can’t keep all this stuff bottled up in you. You have to get it out the right way.” Take a moment to think of a time where he kept everything bottled in: didn’t help, right? We find ourselves taking our frustration out on others when in reality it’s important to let everything out for yourself and those around you. During the COVID-19 crisis,  we are all faced with fear and anxiety so turning to our support system is crucial. Despite the bad, it is also a time for self-reflection and an opportunity to truly look within and observe what is unfolding around us. 

This is a time to dive into activities you always seem to put off. For Huber, he has been working out..a lot, learning new recipes and talking to a lot of people. As he put it, It really helps, we are all going through this and you have to talk about what’s going on because some people are not taking it too seriously.” Occupying ourselves has become “the new normal until we are told otherwise.” Of course we want to get back to our daily routines but instead of focusing on the negative it’s time to turn it around.

“Let it suck. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Instead of hating it, learn to embrace it. You can’t live in fear. You have to kind of embrace it.
Once this is all done it will go back to  normal life, hopefully.
Take this time to use it for yourself.”

Huber’s fire within keeps on burning as he follows his passion and continues to grow. As an actor, he has always “wanted to be someone that kids and people can look up to, like a role model. Spread love, happiness and good vibes.” Also into a lot of charity work, he gives back to his community in every way he can. Adam Huber is the loyalist, the lover, the pistol. 

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