The multi-talented Nick Metos is a makeup artist, beauty consultant, fitness enthusiast, model and singer who is admired for his passion and personality. Last year, the Greek artist released his first single “See Me” about self-love and seeing ourselves and others for who we really are. Soon, he will release a website to show all his activities, his future projects, his favorites and his pieces of advice. In this interview, we discover the real Nick Metos with his inspiring nature and charisma.

What inspires you about beauty and music?

The ability to give someone the confidence they need in order to be themselves! That’s something that really inspired me when I first started doing other people’s makeup. Wether it’s their wedding,  birthday, quinciñera or they have some sort of presentation/ interview or photoshoot, the fact that I can use my skills to give them that ability to feel more confident in being their truest and best self is just SO powerful and magical to me! I then started getting into doing live videos on Facebook (about 2015) and I quickly found that I was able to have that same ability for people all over the WORLD as well and I was hooked! The messages I receive on the daily from people telling me that me and my videos (and now my music) are the reason they get out of bed everyday or the reason they smile or ANYTHING like that is just soooo insanely powerful and uplifting to ME in return and it is just a beautiful cycle of love(: Receiving messages like that are also confirmations that I’m doing the right thing! Then,  just think about how powerful and inspiring MUSIC can be, and the fact that now I am given the opportunity to finally pursue that?! Something that has been a part of me longgggg before makeup ever since I can remember?! I just feel completely honored and thrilled and grateful and just can’t wait to make thousands and thousands of more songs and to share the message of being yourself no matter WHAT through my makeup and music with the rest of the world!

What can you tell me about your new single “See Me”?

So “See Me” is my first single that I released on July 27th, 2019! It is a song that is all about self love and seeing people for who they really are! I hope to aid in the opening of your eyes to seeing through outside appearances.

Can you explain the inspiration behind “See Me” and its music video?

When most people look at someone, they are INSTANTLY categorizing and judging and don’t really take the time to really SEE who someone truly is. Not only just through the makeup, but also through social media and the “followers” and the likes and all that jazz that has become such prominent aspects in this world we live in. The juxtaposition that we created with the drag was definitely on purpose because most people will always jump to conclusions based on someone’s appearance but the message of this song and video is seeing past appearances and seeing what’s at someone’s core instead.

Do you plan to organize a tour to meet your fans?


What made you want to create a website? What are we going to find on it?

It’s definitely necessary to have in order to really be taken seriously as a professional out here in LA especially as a pro makeup artist. Often times it’s even REQUIRED in order to even be CONSIDERED for some jobs. It’s also just a really nice & professional way to display your portfolios. On my page you will be finding my portfolios for not only makeup but also the bit of acting and modeling that I’ve done and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed and would love to do more of it! In order for me to start diving into that world, I need to be able to send casting agents my portfolio/reel. I would also have a music page that would have all my music videos hyperlinked and all streaming services linked as well as eventually used for tour dates, buying merchandise, concert/meet and greet tickets, other related announcements, et.  I want to also make a page that has all my fave brands (makeup, skincare, fashion, accessories, health, nutrition, etc.)  products and discount codes/ affiliate links. I also have about me and contact me pages. I would also love to make a fitness/nutrition page where I share my tips and tricks to staying in shape as well as favorite workouts and recipes/meal plans! So yeah basically you’ll just find allll of me on my website! Haha I’m super excited about it! It’s definitely just a looooot of work but will be so worth it in the end!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can wiggle my ears together and separately? Hahaha

What are your musical inspirations?

I remember when Maroon5 released the Songs About Jane album and I would sit in my mom’s car constantly studying  the lyrics from the album jacket of the CD and I was OBBBBBSESED and I always think of that moment when I had the feeling of like holy shit I need to sing. That album especially stuck out to me but I am DEFINITELY inspired from listening  to Chris Brown, Michael Buble, Elvis, Arianna Grande, Demi Lovato, Josh Groban, Patty Griffin, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, to name a few!

What do you like to do in your free time?

You can find me at Soul Cycle, Pilates, my rooftop pool/hot tub, eating everything, out dancing in weho with my friends, smelling scented makeup and skincare products hahahaha

What/Where do you look to for inspiration?

Being able to inspire other people all over the world has honestly been the biggest inspiration to me and I am looking forward to continuing to do so!

Who is the real Nick Metos?

The real Nick Metos is a human just like you that is on this earth to create art and inspire the world to stay positive and be true to themselves %1000 !


By Justine Duclaux
Photography by Jessica Rose Pomerantz