Author: Tanya Nazarian

Charles & Ron Spring/Summer 2023 “Lm 0.4293”

On Sunday 11th September 2022 Maltese designer duo Charles & Ron launched their new Spring/Summer 2023 collection during New York Fashion Week by Art Hearts held at Angel Orensanz Foundation. Maison Privée is happy to share with you information and photos about this amazing new collection.

The inspiration point for this collection started from the Maltese Lira, which was the currency of Malta from 1972 until 31st December 2007 when the Maltese Lira was replaced by the Euro. On 10th July the irrevocable fixed conversion rate was established at Lm 0.4293 to one Euro.

The intricate details and colours displayed on the banknotes from the 3rd, 4th and mostly the final 5th series are re-imagined and digitally manipulated into graphic designs. Bank notes are a powerful symbol of history, culture and sovereignty of a nation and the details found on the notes amalgamate very well with the Charles & Ron design ethic, as the designers consistently draw inspiration from Maltese culture.

The prominent image of ‘Melita’ holding a rudder symbolising Malta in control of her own destiny, mosaic designs from Roman presence, a stone sentry box known as “Gardjola” , sculptural motifs from the neolithic temples and Doves symbolizing peace all feature in the colour print designs. “Lm 0.4293” is a celebration of Maltese design and focuses on Mediterranean colours. It also explores the idea of something being valuable one day and worthless the next and the importance of preserving culture and traditions as they are priceless and once they are gone there is no bank note that can bring them back.

Layered frills of Organza fabric with raw edging mimic the idea of bank notes loosing their value and being shredded or burned. Other fabrics used are ; Silk Satin, Chiffon, Silk Mikado, Tulle, Panama Cotton and denim treated with bleaching effect. The collection also features hand-beaded dresses and appliqué details.

The main palette for this collection consists of Green shades ranging from Olive, Sage, Lime to darker Green. Powder,Sky and Denim Blue, Electric Yellow, Sun, Tangerine and Lilac. Together with staple tones of Black and White.

The looks are paired with handbag and accessory designs which are hand-made in Malta in finest Italian leather, featuring graphic prints, and signature hardware details.

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