Amaury Hamon + Julie Lang

@amauryhamon @happyJulie


Amaury a graphic designer and Julie a Phd student and curator, are based out of Lausanne, Switzerland. Amaurys style is very minimal with one element which grabs attention. For Julie, simplicity is very important as it highlights her humour and personality. Amaury’s goal is to con- tinuously be curious about the world and attend exhibitions to stay nourished and inspired while Julie believes exhibitions are important to get fresh ideas too. Am- aury is a Libra and Julie is an Aries. As a Libra, Amaury finds himself between conflicts where he starts analysing the good and bad in every situation and find the middle ground each time. As an Aries, Julie believes she is super spontaneous and when she sets something in her mind she has to execute it no matter what the con- sequences are! They are both attracted to each others zodiac signs which explained the chemistry between them. Welcome Vulkaners, Amaury and Julie!