Alex Pettyfer: Gentle Heart, Gentle mind

Actor and a true guiding voice, the handsome Alex Pettyfer pushes himself a little more every day. Seeing the love and care our world needs, the actor does more than just use his platform for pure entertainment. How can he give back to this world? What kind of challenges will he welcome this time? With two movies coming out, Pettyfer and his team have kept busy and collaborations are constantly being made. Here at VULKAN, got to take a closer look into the real Alex Pettyfer and we can’t wait to see what adventure he will find himself on next!

What would you view as your breakout role, and which are you most proud of?

I was very lucky in having a early start to my career being able to work with incredible directors and producers, I think the work Im most proud of is Back Roadsas it was a process I was involved with from the beginning, Directing and producing, staring. Definitely the most challenging work but I believe the things that scare us the most are the ones we get the most rewards from.

Where do your interests lie outside of entertainment?

I think we live in a society nowadays where we are not limited to one craft, we have the ability to stretch our wings and venture out into other fields unknown.  New challenges are always accepted and I believe help us grow as individual beings, My interests have become more about the discovery on how I can give back in this world.

Have you always had an interest in running your own production company?

As the industry changes, I believe there has become more opportunity in development, with more creative input and control. I think with Dark Dreams Ent, we wanted to have a voice in this new medium. 

Tell us a bit about your production company. What aims and aspirations for it do you have? 

There are so many great new filmmakers up and coming, the bar is beings raised all the time. Its about finding the collaborative experience with them, it all comes down the the material. 


What projects are you and your team currently working on?

    We have two movies that will come out this year, Collection& Echo Boomers. We have a lot of films/TV shows in development, later this year we will be filming Hunters in the Dark” by Laurence Osbourne. 

If there were one person whom you could include in your films, who would it be and why?

I think for us, we would love to work with the classics, like the warren beautys of the world. There is also so much great new talent and there is a great joy in that discovery. We as a company want to be in the position to give opportunities for creatives to flourish. 


What is your creative process?

Collaboration, collaboration is the key to success. I learnt this while directing Back Roads. Making art in the film and TV medium is about coming together with creative minds who specialize in their own fields and working together to the same goal, to produce great entertainment. 

Where do you see Dark Dream Entertainment in the future?

We want to build a brand that is recognized as being a place where creatives can trust they can see their visions come to fruition, we want to support creatives as much as we can.  

What advice would you impart to those aspiring to make their mark in entertainment?

There are so many great examples of creative talent that have paved their own path, there is an even greater opportunity now with the need for content,  the industry has never been more exciting for new creatives.


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